Company Info:

Droning Around, LLC was one of the first licensed and insured drone photography and aerial videography companies in the U.S. As the drone market has continued to grow, we see ourselves attracting more and more clients interested in using our aerial photography and video services.

It is important that the client knows they will be working with very professional and personable Droning Around, LLC employees.

Our Mission/Vision

Our vision is to be able to serve all States across the U.S. with the same level of professionalism and creativity. Our editors and drone pilots go through an in-depth hands-on training process enabling them to carry on our mission regardless of the area they will serve.

Our Equipment

We use several different drones and cameras for our aerial photography and videography, depending on the situational needs. Our main drones are the DJI Inspire 1, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, and also the DJI Mavic Pro.

Each drone is equipped with a 4K resolution camera allowing us to get the clearest shots possible.

If you’re interested in our agricultural applications please visit our contact page to discuss agricultural options for drones.

Pilots License Section

Our Certification

Each Droning Around, LLC pilot is licensed and certified under the FAA Part 107 Exam for small Commercial UAV operators. This license is MANDATORY for any drone pilot to have if they are flying for commercial purposes.

In addition to licensed and certified pilots, each is covered under our Droning Around, LLC insurance plan. This covers any property damage (up to 500K) that may be caused by a drone wreck or pilot error.

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